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Serving Santa Clara county for over 50 years, ACT provides vital, affordable mental health services to anyone in need.

ACT for Mental Health and Wellness is a nonprofit that brings communities closer together by providing quality, affordable mental health counseling and educational services.

APALI - Asian Pacific American Leadership Institute.

The Asian Pacific American Leadership Institute (APALI) is an organization focused on developing and empowering Asian Pacific American leaders. Through educational programs, leadership training, and community engagement, APALI aims to cultivate civic participation, cultural awareness, and leadership skills among Asian Pacific Americans. The institute strives to create a more inclusive and equitable society by supporting the growth and influence of Asian Pacific American leaders in various sectors.

Asian Society

The Asia Society is a global organization committed to strengthening relationships and promoting understanding among the people, leaders, and institutions of Asia and the United States. Through its programs in arts, culture, education, business, and policy, the Asia Society addresses critical issues and fosters dialogue to enhance mutual understanding and collaboration. With a presence in multiple cities worldwide, it serves as a vital platform for cultural exchange and policy discussion.

Bay Area Council

The Bay Area Council is a business-sponsored public policy advocacy organization dedicated to promoting economic development, sustainability, and quality of life in the San Francisco Bay Area. It works with government, business, and community leaders to address key regional issues such as housing, transportation, workforce development, and climate resilience. The Council aims to foster a thriving, innovative, and equitable Bay Area through strategic initiatives and collaborative solutions.


ECS DESIGN’s goal is to collaborate for a Green Regenerative Environment, Safety, Health and Better Business practices.
ECS Design Inc. works with community leaders for the betterment of the City and community.


In November 2023, the GovAI Coalition was established to give local government a voice in shaping the future of AI and ensure that AI development is geared toward the benefit of society.

The GovAI Coalition is composed of over 600 public servants from over 250 local, county, and state governments that represent over 150 million Americans across the nation united in our mission to promote responsible and purposeful AI in the public sector. 

The GovAI Coalition is committed to:

  1. Using AI for social good,
  2. Ensuring ethical, non-discriminatory, and responsible AI governance,
  3. Promoting vendor accountability,
  4. Improving government services, and
  5. Fostering cross-agency collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Industrial Council for Small Business Development

The Industrial Council for Small Business Development (ICSBD) is an organization dedicated to fostering the growth and development of small businesses within the industrial sector. It provides resources, support, and advocacy to help small enterprises navigate industry challenges, access opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth. ICSBD aims to enhance the competitiveness and success of small businesses through education, networking, and strategic partnerships.

People-Centred Smart Cities

UN-Habitat has developed guidelines for developing national and local smart city regulations, plans, and strategies. These guidelines aim to ensure that digital urban infrastructure and data contribute to sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous cities while respecting human rights.

The Asian Law Alliance (ALA)

The Asian Law Alliance (ALA) is a nonprofit organization committed to providing legal services, advocacy, and education to low-income Asian Pacific Islander communities. Founded to ensure equal access to justice, ALA assists individuals with issues such as immigration, housing, civil rights, and public benefits. Through community outreach and legal representation, ALA strives to empower and uplift marginalized groups, promoting social justice and equity.

The US Department of Energy's Office of Community Engagement

The US Department of Energy’s Office of Community Engagement serves as a vital link between the Department and local communities across the nation. Its primary goal is to facilitate communication, collaboration, and partnerships between the Department and various stakeholders, including state and local governments, tribal nations, non-profit organizations, and the public. Through outreach initiatives, educational programs, and resource dissemination, the Office of Community Engagement works to promote energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and economic development initiatives tailored to the unique needs of diverse communities. By fostering dialogue and engagement, the office strives to empower communities to participate in and benefit from the Department’s energy initiatives while addressing their specific concerns and priorities.

UNCRD Smart Cities

Launched in 2021 by the United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD), this project provides technical assistance and support to urban policymakers, planners, and city officials. Its goal is to build safer, smarter, efficient, resilient, inclusive, livable, and sustainable cities through smart city solutions.

United Smart Cities (USC)

This program focuses on assessing and promoting smart cities globally. It aims to create a multiplier effect by scaling up the concept of smart cities and developing a profiling tool to assess cities’ comparative ratings in various areas.


The US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC) is a non-profit organization headquartered in the Silicon Valley, California. Its mission is to promote and strengthen U.S. and China collaboration in Green Energy by facilitating high impact clean-tech collaborative initiatives and projects between the U.S. and China and serving as a platform for the integration of policy, business, investment, and R&D projects for the two countries. The UCGEC includes six Task Forces such as Smart Grid, Green Building and Eco-City, Renewable Energy, Green IT, Clean Transportation,and Green Investment. Each task force is co-lead by the top business leaders and senior experts in this field in both US and China.

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